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Threading At Home In Pune

Threading At Home In Pune

Velvet Touch provides all the salon services which also include threading at home in Pune. Our artists are precise enough and leaves our customers with impeccable eyebrows every time. Threading is a one of a kind method for evacuating undesirable facial hair.

Our expert trained staff ensures that we provide you the best threading at home in Pune. You can trust that our services are safe and affordable. Having perfect eyebrows immediately characterizes your eyes and can improve your complete face dramatically. It can expand your confidence and even make you have an inclination that you've had an instant cosmetic touch up.

Best Threading at home in Pune

Our experts have a good practice in shaping your eyebrows and it is gentler on the skin. It can also be painful as several hair are removed at once, however, this can be minimized if it is done correctly and our professionals provide best threading services at home in Pune. The extraordinary thread is twisted to make a center moving turn which is then floated along the skin. After availing our threading service, your skin will be smooth without applying any kind of chemicals to your delicate facial skin.
Our practitioners follow the contours of your unique brow bone to an end goal to make the most complimenting eyebrow shape modified for you. They follow your natural bone structure while making your personalized eyebrow shape. Our professionals are always calm and ready to listen to your needs and requirements and explain what threading can do for your unique facial structure to make you look beautiful.
We are just a phone call away! Call us to avail our salon services at home in Pune and have perfect threading at home every time. We provide fast and reliable services at home you are looking for.